Accountants make Spalding sparkle with litter pick

A team of six accountants from Moore Thompson have helped clean up the streets of Spalding by taking part in a litter pick around the town.

Accountants Emma Wilson, James Walsham, Laura Grimer, Stephen Page, Glen Chuter and Laura Cook roamed the streets of Spalding for more than three hours, managing to collect more than 19 bags of rubbish.

From left to right are: Emma Wilson, James Walsham, Laura Grimer, Stephen Page, Glen Chuter from Moore Thompson and Gunita Sele from Spotless Spalding.

The team were joined by Gunita Sele from Spotless Spalding, a separate campaign started by volunteers to help clean up the idyllic town.

The group cleared along the river near Ayscoughfee before moving on to Abbey Path and eventually clearing private car parks used by shoppers, tourists and local businesses.

Emma Wilson, one of the volunteers and a Senior Accountant at Moore Thompson, said: “We were approached by several residents thanking us for our efforts and that we were doing a good job. It was so lovely to hear this and that our work was being noticed.”

The work of the volunteers is part of The Moore Thompson Charity Fund’s commitment to clean up the town in which their practice operates.

Mark Hildred, Moore Thompsons’ Managing Partner, added: “I am so proud of all of our staff members who arranged and took part in the recent litter picking around Spalding.

“We really value the local community in the town and I am glad we have been able to give something back.”

The group’s next clean up session will take place on Saturday 22 August in Park Road, Pennygate and the surrounding streets.

To find out more about the group’s work follow @MooreTCharity on twitter.

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