Bogus British Gas emails on the rise

Moore Thompson are urging clients to keep an eye out for fake British Gas utility bill emails – which have been on the rise since August, according to reports.

Such emails, which adopt all-too-convincing British Gas branding, will sometimes claim that you owe your energy provider a suspiciously high sum.

Worse still, many are rife with ‘ransomware’ – a type of computer virus capable of locking you out of your computer and re-directing you to a bogus webpage demanding an online payment or ‘ransom’ to unlock your computer.

Police Scams watchdog Action Fraud has received hundreds of complaints about these emails, which are usually titled ‘Your summer gas & electricity bill’ or ‘New gas & electricity’ bill – and will often include the victim’s full name within the email.

Moore Thompson are reminding our clients that legitimate emails from energy companies will always include or quote your personal, unique customer reference or account number.

If you are unsure about a bill you have received – or whether an email from an energy provider is official – log into your provider’s website directly and never click any links included in the email itself.

Web-users are reminded that hackers commonly attempt to get their hands on passwords and data via bogus links or, worse still, target their victims with ransomware.

It is always wise to keep your anti-virus software up to date, report any suspicious emails you receive and change your passwords regularly.

Posted in Scams News.