Calls for Brexit deal to ‘preserve the rights’ of the legal sector

The Law Society has called upon the Government to ‘preserve the rights’ of the UK’s £26billion legal sector during Brexit negotiations with the European Union (EU).

In a report entitled Brexit and the Law, the Society urges the Government to:

  • Consider continued access for UK solicitors to practise in EU member states
  • Maintain mutual recognition and enforcements of judgements
  • Collaborate with the EU in terms of security, policing and criminal justice
  • Promote England and Wales as a ‘jurisdiction of choice’

The Society’s report states: “From the legal sector’s view, continued free movement would be beneficial economically, but we of course recognise that there is a competing public policy commitment to control immigration.”

Robert Bourns, President of the Law Society, added: “The legal sector underpins the UK economy – and not just because it is worth more than £25.7 billion in its own right.

“In every part of the economy people rely on the advice and support of solicitors.

“A 1 per cent growth in the legal services market creates 8,000 jobs. Each £1 of additional turnover stimulates £1.39 in the rest of the economy. And the legal economy grew by 8 per cent last year.”

The Law Society’s full report can be accessed here.

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