Firm offers document ‘e-exchange’ service

At Moore Thompson, we are always looking for ways to improve our services to clients.

Now we are offering a new way for us to exchange electronic files and documents with you, safely and securely.

The Virtual Cabinet Document Portal is a web-based system widely used by leading accountancy firms. It means that:

  • clients and the our team can upload documents – such as accounts and tax returns – to the portal, where they are held in a secure environment
  • the recipient will be automatically notified by email that a document is available
  • they can then access the documents through the portal website, whenever and wherever they have internet access, reducing the time taken to exchange and amend or approve paper documents.

The portal is quick and easy to use, saving valuable time and also ensuring sensitive financial data is fully protected.

To use the portal you will need to request your login details which you can do by following this link or if you would like more information on the portal before registering, please contact us.