New ‘phishing scam’ offers bogus pay rise in bid to swipe sensitive information

Fraudsters specialising in so-called ‘phishing scams’ have started targeting university staff with suspicious emails offering workers a bogus salary increase.

Police crime watchdog Action Fraud says that it has received more than 100 complaints from people working at universities all across the UK who claim to have been targeted by this new scam.

According to reports, victims will receive a falsely-branded email purporting to be from their university’s HR department, saying that they are due a pay rise, and must log in to their employer’s website in order to confirm their details and claim their reward.

However, victims who click the bogus links sent in these unsolicited emails are redirected to suspicious websites requesting sensitive password information and financial details.

Action Fraud has said that similar scam emails have been received by employees of UK Police forces and Governmental agencies.

Moore Thompson would like to remind our clients never to click on any suspicious-looking links or attachments received in unsolicited emails or text messages.

It is also always wise to keep your anti-virus software up to date, report any suspicious emails you receive to the relevant person, company or department and change your passwords regularly.