Tax rebate text message scam spreads across Britain

Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants are warning unsuspecting smartphone users to be on the lookout for a new text message scam which is fast spreading across the UK.

The scam involves bogus text messages which claim to offer a ‘tax rebate’ to potential victims if they follow a suspicious link to a mock website.

If clicked, the website will then request personal information and bank details from its prey in order to ‘reclaim their tax overpayment’.

In some cases, the website may feature bogus HMRC branding, similar to the HMRC email phishing scams Moore Thompson exposed in mid-April.

Thames Valley Police have issued an official public warning to residents of London’s capital, but it is suspected that the scam is already rapidly spreading across the country.

Moore Thompson urge Britons to be on the lookout for unsolicited texts and emails, and never click suspicious links or provide personal information to third parties.

HMRC themselves will never use texts or emails to directly request personal information from taxpayers, or to inform them of any potential rebates.

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