Telephone threats made by bogus HMRC fraudsters

Telephone scams involving fraudsters pretending to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are on the rise – and they are no longer limited to just text messages and voicemails.

Moore Thompson are urging clients to look be cautious of direct phone calls from anyone claiming to be an HMRC member of staff.

The warning comes after Police from Northamptonshire, Hampshire and other regions across the UK received numerous reports from landline and mobile phone users regarding bogus phone calls from scammers claiming to be from HMRC.

Bogus callers are warning potential victims that they have outstanding tax bills which must be paid ASAP, and threatening legal action or police involvement to recipients who challenge their claims.

“These types of incidents are understandably very upsetting for the victims. If you have any elderly relatives, friends or neighbours please make them aware of this scam and remind them not to give any details or money to unexpected callers,” said Detective Inspector Lee Macarthur of Hampshire Police.

“Fraudsters will use various hoaxes to try and scam money out of people so please be vigilant about any unsolicited phone call – remember that the bank or police or HMRC would never ask you for your PIN over the phone or send a courier to collect cards or cash,” added a spokesperson from Northamptonshire Police.

Moore Thompson are advising clients to seek confirmation on HMRC’s website, which provides useful advice about phishing emails and bogus telephone contact here.

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