Helen Slinger, AbbeyPrint Limited

Trust is a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated in any relationship, especially the one between a business and its accountancy firm. This is particularly true when the relationship is as longstanding as the one between AbbeyPrint Limited and Moore Thompson, which began more than 30 years ago.

In that time, AbbeyPrint Limited has grown to become one of the largest colour lithographic printing companies in South Lincolnshire, as well as the area’s leading independent supplier of office products, business machines, office furniture and computer consumables.

The team at Moore Thompson have always been on hand to provide advice, which means they know the company inside out.

“That is a major benefit,” says managing director Helen Slinger. “I trust Moore Thompson as we have worked with them for so many years.”

In addition to handling the end of year accounts, Moore Thompson helped every step of the way during a management takeover, advising on issues such as shareholder agreements.

The accountants also assisted when AbbeyPrint Limited purchased the adjoining premises – advising on the tax implications and the best way to do it – and through the recession, by looking at ways the printing company could promote its products and improve its profitability.

“If we have any queries from the financial side, Moore Thompson is always our first port of call,” says Helen Slinger.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Moore Thompson to a new customer who was in need of an accountant, as we have always got on well with them and they have done well by us.”