Are your clients making the most of the ECA scheme?

We are always keen to promote ways that will help your clients make their capital budgets stretch that little bit further.

Recently we have been talking to a number of local businesses about the benefits of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, which allows companies to invest in energy-saving plant or machinery that might otherwise be too expensive.

Many had previously been unaware or were confused about the level of help available in the form of tax relief for being an energy efficient business.

As a result, some businesses risk missing out on valuable tax savings which they could claim.

The first year allowances let businesses set 100 per cent of the cost of the assets against taxable profits in a single tax year.

This allows business owners to write off the cost of new plant or machinery against their taxable profits in the financial year that the purchase was made.

If you have clients that you think may benefit and would like to find out more about equipment or plant which qualifies under the ECA scheme or they would like help and support to make a tax claim, speak to our experts and we’ll set the wheels in motion.