‘Biggest divorce case in British legal history’ results in £251million settlement

A settlement, described as the biggest divorce case in British legal history, was agreed in the High Court recently.

Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain, the youngest of six wives of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, was awarded a lump sum of £251.5 million.

The money will provide the princess with enough funds to cover the cost of running two multi-million-pound properties in London and Surrey, along with provision for a substantial security budget.

In the divorce ruling, the judge decided that, given earlier rulings, the princess and her two children were particularly vulnerable.

He said they needed watertight security to ensure their continued safety in the UK. He said the “main threat” to Haya and the children came from Sheikh Mohammed.

Princess Haya did not ask for any money for herself in the proceedings, other than to compensate for items, including jewellery and clothes, that she lost due to the marital breakdown.

The Sheikh was also ordered to pay £41.5 million upfront to the princess for chattels, cash for education and maintenance arrears and £5.6 million a year for each child for maintenance until they finish their education, after which he must pay them directly the same amount, but for their security.

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