What happens if I need to find some grant funding for my business?

From time to time, all business owners are sure to find themselves in need of additional finance. In many cases, there could be a specific grant available which suits the business’ plans and ambitions perfectly. However, finding and securing the right grant is not always as straight-forward as it seems.

Depending on the size, scope and sector of your business, the type of grants which might be available to you will differ, as will the steps you might need to undertake in order to apply.

Carrying out funding research

In most cases, businesses will need to start by carrying out funding research in order to determine what grants are out there which might appropriate for their unique business venture.

This often can be a difficult process which involves carefully assessing individual grant guidelines and criteria for each grant in order to determine eligibility – a task made even more complicated by the myriad of grants on offer across today’s increasingly complex funding landscape.

Finding the right grant for you

Once an appropriate grant has been found, business owners need to prepare a sound and viable application.

This will involve piecing together a well-documented business plan which includes realistic, clear projections of goals, cash flow and profit and loss, and maps out exactly how the business will use the grant in order to achieve its goals.

The grant funding market can become fiercely competitive, which is why it is vital that your application is water-tight and draws the right attention to exactly why your business deserves to be awarded the funding.

How can Moore Thompson help?

At Moore Thompson, our grant funding team specialise in advising businesses on the whole grant funding process.

We work closely with small businesses, charities and multi-agency partnerships to make funding happen – and can advise your organisation from the very outset.

Our team can review your business plan and take away the time and stress of researching potential funding streams and meeting guidelines, by liaising with funders on your behalf, to ensure that your venture meets grant criteria.

We can then help you to draft an effective application for the appropriate grant, helping you to secure the funding you need to push your business forward.

For more information about our grant funding services, please contact us today.

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