Clients urged to be on the lookout for new ‘friendly’ phishing email

Police crime watchdog Action Fraud says it has received hundreds of reports from email users who have received a new type of ‘friendly’ phishing email.

According to reports, fraudsters are now trying to gain the confidence of potential victims by sending unsolicited emails claiming that they themselves have also been contacted by cyber-criminals.

Scammers sending these so-called ‘friendly’ phishing emails are wrongfully informing recipients that they have ‘accidentally’ received a document containing the recipient’s personal information.

Fraudsters then go on to explain that they are worried the recipient may have had their personal data stolen – and that they would like to help rectify the problem.

Reports suggest that people receiving these emails have been asked to click on attached documents within the unsolicited emails. These attachments, instead of containing supposed personal data, actually kick-start a malware download onto the victim’s computer.

Through this malware, Action Fraud says that cyber-criminals are attempting to obtain sensitive financial data, such as online banking logins, from victims.

Moore Thompson would like to remind our clients to be on the lookout for these bogus ‘friendly’ emails.

We would also like to stress the importance of having up-to-date virus protection software installed on your computer, and never clicking on or opening any attachments you receive in unsolicited emails or text messages.

Posted in Scams News.