Contingency planning can help save money

By Chris Wright, Partner, and ARA specialist.

Accidents on farms are often all too common on farms and agricultural premises, with the sector experiencing a high number of deaths and injuries.

But good contingency planning can help prevent issues from accelerating in the event of an incident.

This can include relevant insurance policies on key workers to ensure their work can be covered and possible additional wage costs recouped.

It is also worth considering some form of cash reserve in case of accidents to cover unexpected costs.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched the ‘Safer British Farms’ campaign in response to the high rate of worker fatalities in the agriculture sector.

This initiative aims to reduce deaths and injuries caused by farm vehicles by promoting safe practices on farms, ensuring safe vehicles, and encouraging safe driving habits.

The HSE has created a dedicated website for the campaign, offering advice, practical tips, and resources for those in the industry. It can be found at:

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