Dismay at rise in divorce claim fees

The Law Society has reiterated its fears over higher fees for divorce claims, saying they effectively ‘price out’ ordinary people.

The government is proposing a charge of £550 which is more than double the cost to the courts. But according to the Law Society, the move would prevent legitimate cases from being brought.

Law Society president Jonathan Smithers said: “It is disappointing that the government is seeking to gain from the misfortune of people who are going through the difficult circumstance of divorce.”

“It is wrong in principle for the courts to make a profit for government.”

The proposals follow a hike in court fees introduced earlier this year. The Law Society says the move has failed to deliver any meaningful improvements.

“There has been no assessment of the impact of increases, just six months ago, of more than 600 per cent,” Jonathan Smithers said.

“Raising the fees further may render ordinary people’s legal rights meaningless because they simply would not be able to enforce them.”

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