At Moore Thompson, we are proud of our diverse and inclusive team, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, but who share a common goal – to deliver exceptional advice and support to our clients.

We are very fortunate that as we have grown, we have been able to recruit a team that has a focus on shared values and culture, with a drive to help each other succeed.

We offer a friendly, honest and open work environment, where the views and expertise of each member of our team are valued.

Our team speak many different languages, come from different cultures and have diverse life experiences, which has helped us to develop a wide understanding of different issues from a broad viewpoint.

Outside of our own offices, we also play an important role in promoting inclusivity and diversity within our local communities, through the support we provide to charities, networks, schools and colleges, which is creating new opportunities for people in every walk of life.

While we believe that we offer an inclusive and welcoming work environment, we appreciate that there is always room for improvement and so we continue to review our strategies for work and recruitment to build a better, more rounded team of accountants, tax and business advisors.

If you want to learn more about our approach to diversity and inclusion, please get in touch.