Farmers are encouraged to use Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme to boost their business

Farmers and farm businesses across the UK are being encouraged to learn more about the government’s Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme and how it can help them improve their connection and save money.

Run by The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the scheme offers subsidies for the installation and equipment required for a basic broadband service, which for many farms may include the cost of new lines.

Those successful with their applications will receive a unique code, which can be used against those costs as long as it is with one of the scheme’s approved suppliers.

Up to £350 of savings can be made with the subsidy, with the household or business covering any additional costs.

Those with an internet connection speed of below 2 Mb/second, who are not due to receive a superfast connection within six to 12 months, will be eligible for the scheme.

The government has reassured farmer that receiving a subsidy through this scheme will not affect a business’s chances of getting superfast broadband in future.

Farm businesses can apply for a subsidy code now and until the end of December 2017 by visiting