Farmers supported with £240 million environmental restoration scheme

By Chris Wright, Partner and ARA specialist

Private sector fundraisers are looking to raise £240 million to encourage farmers to restore peatland, woodland and grassland across 15 national parks.

The national parks initiative will create new income streams for farmers and landowners who live and work within the country’s national parks by paying them for projects that help with the restoration and management of important habitats.

Funding for the project has already been acquired from Santander UK, Gatwick Airport, Capita and Southern Co-op, with more private funding anticipated.

Among the projects included are the transformation of arable land back into woodland to generate nitrate reduction and improve biodiversity in the New Forest and the restoration of habitats that would deliver natural flood defences in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Naomi Conway, Development Director at National Parks Partnerships, said: “We want to remind the UK of the role that the national parks can play in fighting the impacts of climate change and improving biodiversity.

“This pioneering private sector support will get us closer to achieving the scale and pace of nature restoration that the UK so urgently needs.”

This latest initiative is part of a wider strategy in UK agriculture to improve the environment and restore habitats, which is linked to the Government’s new funding policies for farmers.

Given the growing amount of funding in this area, farmers should review their plans and see what actions they can take to support their eligibility for grants and subsidies.

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