Farming equipment finance can help to prevent rural crime

With rural crime on the increase, NFU Mutual says that farmers should consider farming equipment finance schemes as a solution.

It comes after the farming insurer revealed that rural crime has hit a high not experienced since 2013.

Thefts of farm machinery such as 4x4s and quads are on the rise, according to NFU Mutual, as global demand for second-hand agricultural equipment increases.

The Midlands, Wales and the south east of England have seen the biggest increase in rural crime, with a rise of around 30 per cent.

While some farmers and rural businesses are turning to modern solutions, such as CCTV, floodlighting and motion sensors, NFU Mutual feels that acquiring equipment on short-term loan may be better.

In order to reduce the amount of equipment stored in their yard, and therefore reducing potential targets for thieves, the insurer said that borrowing equipment may be a better solution.

It also said that farmers would also benefit from the latest machinery, instead of relying on older equipment, adding that the steady rotation of machinery made it harder for thieves to stalk out a target.

It added that farms are considered a low-risk target due to their size and lack of security, whereas farm equipment finance companies hold all of their equipment in secure yards, which are more likely to prevent thieves gaining access to equipment.

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