Fraudsters targeting the NHS with tax rebate scam

Reports suggest that people working for the NHS are being targeted with elaborate ‘tax rebate scams’.

Police crime watchdog Action Fraud has said that scammers are setting up bogus ‘tax rebate firms’ which “claim they offer services [that] can get a tax rebate on the victim’s behalf”.

According to reports, scammers are setting up advertising stands in the reception and restaurant areas of hospitals and medical facilities across the UK, in a bid to get NHS staff members to sign up.

In some extreme cases, these companies have even managed to infiltrate NHS practices to advertise their bogus services at training and open days, Action Fraud has said.

The scammers, who are promising NHS workers a tax rebate in exchange for a fee to be paid at a later date, are telling unsuspecting victims that they need to sign a form which gives the bogus company the right to liaise with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on their behalf.

In the instance that a tax rebate is indeed due, refunds are being issued to the scam firm, who will then pocket the money and break all contact with the customer, according to a report in The Mirror.

Action Fraud has warned that police officers, airline staff and teachers could also be at risk of being targeted.

Moore Thompson are advising our clients to ignore any unsolicited or suspicious contact claiming to offer ‘tax rebates’ for a fee, and to always consult either HMRC itself, or a professional and trusted tax adviser, with regards to any tax or financial matters.

We are also warning clients to remember that genuine contact from HMRC about tax either over or under-paid will always be issued via written letter, and never via email, text message or telephone call.

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