GDPR – helping your clients to get up to speed with new regulations

The clock is ticking – from 25 May 2018, businesses across the UK will come under the net of new data protection rules, which if ignored could lead to significant fines and sanctions.

GDPR and its implications have been largely unreported by the media. Despite the fact that in less than seven months, UK businesses will need to be compliant with the new rules, many small and medium-sized businesses remain unaware of the changes ahead.

Recent research found that 55 per cent of small businesses in the UK are still unfamiliar with the regulation.

As you will be aware, any company that holds data, whether it is for previous, existing or future customers or suppliers will need to co-operate with this new legislation or face the prospect of significant fines.

Recently, in conjunction with ICARIS Sentinel, we hosted a GDPR seminar aimed at encouraging businesses to learn how they can prepare for the changes ahead.

If you were unable to attend, slides from our seminar are available to view here and if you would like to share the importance of preparing for GDPR with your clients, we have produced a free guide which is available to download.

Our guide incudes essential facts and must-knows, including:

  • What you should be doing right now to prepare for GDPR
  • The ICO checklist for consent
  • The penalties, in depth
  • How to report a data breach
  • GDPR DOs and DON’Ts

We have also produced a myth-busting quiz which will help your clients to separate fact from fiction and help them understand the ramifications of the new regulations.

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