Government commits millions to improve productivity and profitability in farming

The Government has unveiled a new food strategy, which puts a focus on home-grown food, including strengthening supply chains and boosting food production.

The new strategy comes after an independent review of the UK’s food system, by Henry Dimbleby, the co-founder of restaurant chain Leon and a non-executive director of Defra.

In 2018, he was asked to carry out a comprehensive review of the food system in the UK and provide recommendations so that the food system “delivers safe, healthy, affordable food; regardless of where (people) live or how much they earn”.

He was also asked to provide suggestions that “restores and enhances the natural environment for the next generation in this country.”

The Government will now invest £270 million in technology to increase productivity and profitability.

It was also will consult on ambitions for 50 per cent of public sector food spend to go on food produced locally or certified to higher standards.

Meanwhile, the Government will publish a framework next year on how to help farmers grow more food while also meeting legally binding targets to halt climate change and nature loss.

Further details of the funding and how it can be accessed and distributed are expected soon.

However, if you would like advice on how to improve productivity and profitability, speak to our specialists today.