Government support for the UK dairy sector in reaching new markets

By Rob Blair, Partner and ARA specialist

The UK dairy industry, a significant contributor to the national economy, is set to receive a substantial boost in its efforts to expand into new global markets. This comes as the Government officially launches a £1 million bespoke programme aimed at enhancing British dairy exports.

Overview of the UK dairy industry

The UK dairy sector is a remarkable success story, already exporting over £2 billion worth of dairy products, including whey, to more than 135 countries. This demonstrates the industry’s visible global presence and the high demand for British dairy products.

The £1 million export programme

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak first announced the commitment for this export programme during the Farm to Fork Summit at 10 Downing Street in May. Recently, Minister for Exports, Lord Offord, officially launched the programme during a visit to Lye Cross Farm, a cheese processor near Bristol.

Programme objectives

The programme is designed to provide targeted support to UK dairy businesses, helping them to capitalise on export opportunities and access new markets. It aims to set up trade missions and a new UK dairy showcase, organise education sessions to assist dairy businesses in growing their agri-food exports.

Industry and Government collaboration

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has welcomed this initiative as a ‘significant boost’ for the sector. NFU dairy board chair, Michael Oakes, emphasised the importance of continued collaboration between the industry and Government in reducing trade barriers and improving market access. The Dairy Export Taskforce, comprising industry partners, dairy producers, and the Government, plays a pivotal role in this endeavour.

Setting global standards

The funding commitment is seen as a step towards bolstering market development work and supporting dairy-specific trade promotion. It positions the UK dairy industry to strengthen global exports and set a global standard for trading sustainable, climate-friendly dairy products.

The launch of the Government’s £1 million programme marks a significant milestone in the UK dairy industry’s journey towards expanding its global footprint. With a strong foundation in exports and the backing of both the Government and industry bodies, the UK dairy sector is well-positioned to explore new markets and continue its growth on the international stage.

initiative not only supports the economic aspirations of the dairy industry but also aligns with the broader goals of sustainable and climate-friendly agricultural practices.

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