Grant Funding for projects in Cambridgeshire that improve health and wellbeing – The Evelyn Trust

Grants are available through the Evelyn Trust for health and wellbeing projects taking place in Cambridgeshire, which are run by charities and non-profit making organisations.

One-off funding is available for projects which fulfil the following criteria:

  • In line with areas of focus for support based on studies which have identified areas of need in Cambridgeshire, including mental health, care for the elderly and community health projects
  • Medical support staff and teams that aim to have a transformational impact and are innovative, including support in the home
  • Capital projects including awards towards the cost of new buildings or extensions or for the renovation of existing buildings, as well as contributions towards the cost of new capital equipment

Small grants for health and wellbeing projects are accepted from smaller charities in Cambridgeshire, for which grants of less than £10,000 ‘can be very meaningful and important’. Applications will be accepted at any time.

If you feel this grant funding opportunity may be relevant to your charity, please get in touch with us.

Moore Thompson, is dedicated to delivering the services clients need, which is why we have set up a dedicated Grant and Funding Services Team, headed by our Grant Services Manager, Janet Brown.

For more information about the grants available to you, please call 01775 711333 or email

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