Grant Funding for projects which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sectors – Countryside Productivity Scheme

Grants are available through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Countryside Productivity Scheme for projects in England, which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sectors and help to create jobs and growth in the rural economy.

The Scheme provides grants for:

  • Water Resource Management and Reservoir

    Grants to improve farm productivity through more efficient use of water for irrigation and to secure water supplies for crop irrigation by the construction of on-farm reservoirs are available for arable and horticultural businesses. A minimum grant of £35,000 is available for projects that meet one of the Scheme’s six priorities.

  • Improving Forestry Productivity

    A minimum grant of £35,000 is available for private forest holders managing at least 10 hectares of forest and micro, small, or medium-sized forestry contractor businesses to improve forestry productivity through felling, extraction and adding value by primary processing of timber products. The project must meet one or more of the Scheme’s five priorities.

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