Majority of people still trust charities

Most people continue to trust charities according to new research by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

A survey of 2,071 adults found that 57 per cent felt charities were trustworthy and acted in the public interest. Sixty per cent believed government money given to charities should not be a target for spending cuts.

On the same issues, 150 MPs were also polled. While 73 per cent said charities were trustworthy, only 45 per cent agreed that charity spending by the government should be ring-fenced.

Despite the figures, CAF warned of a potential drop in confidence compared to last year when the Charity Commission found 71 per cent of people trusted charities.

CAF chief executive said it was vital charities acted together to ensure they continue to earn trust amid recent controversy over fundraising. He added it remained important to protect charities’ role in society amid funding cuts.

“If charities bear the brunt of savings, not only would it be bad for most people’s quality of life, but it would also damage the public purse, which benefits hugely from the work of volunteers and not-for-profit organisations.”

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