Make the most of the new pension exit cap

Earlier this year it was revealed that some pension providers were charging fees of up to 10 per cent to withdraw money early as part of the changes to pension freedoms.

These freedoms, which came into effect in April 2015, allow anyone over the age of 55 to withdraw as much as they wanted from their pensions, subject to income tax at each taxpayer’s marginal rate (either 20 per cent for the basic rate, 40 per cent for the higher rate or 45 per cent for the additional rate).

However, on top of this pension providers have been charging a fee for removing the money early, with some hiking their rates up to 10 per cent – a move criticised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Following an investigation into these practices the FCA has announced that anyone taking money out of a personal pension from 1 April 2017 cannot be charged more than 1 per cent by their provide, whilst providers who already charge less than 1 per cent will not be allowed to raise their fees.

Those taking out new pension contracts will eventually face no early exit charge at all and workplace pensions will be subject to the same rules, but these will not come into effect until October 2017, according to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

This move will be welcomed by many farmers approaching the end of their career, but it is important to have the right plan in place to make sure you have enough money to enjoy your retirement.

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