Maximising Impact with Expert Guidance: The DPO Centre Charity and Community Fund

The DPO Centre has launched a Charity and Community fund, a bespoke initiative aimed at organisations in the charity and not-for-profit (NFP) sector aimed at providing them with top-tier data protection consultancy services.

This innovative fund is set to provide charities and NFPs with access to its data protection consultancy services at an 80 per cent funded rate.

This approach allows these organisations to harness their expertise while ensuring minimal impact on their core mission funding.

Funding availability and application deadline

The current funding round remains open until 31 March 2024, presenting a valuable opportunity for eligible organisations to apply.

Benefits of the funding

The fund provides immediate access to subject matter experts and a broadly experienced team of data protection professionals, ensuring clarity in compliance processes and peace of mind in partnering with a reputable provider.

Additionally, it significantly reduces the potential for compliance failures and lowers both regulatory and reputational risks.

Ultimately, this leads to enhanced trust, increased engagement, and an elevated reputation, thereby promoting ever-increasing organisational value.

How the fund works

The DPO Centre has allocated a £150,000 fund, divided into three application periods within the year.

Eligible charities can apply for up to £10,000 towards its consultancy services. After the submission deadline, a dedicated panel will review applications and notify the applicants of the outcome.

Organisations can apply multiple times, but only one application per 12-month period will be considered.

Eligibility criteria

The fund is open to a wide range of UK-based charities and NFPs. To be eligible, organisations should be based in the UK, have a management committee of at least three unrelated individuals, possess a bank account in the name of the charity/NFP, and agree to participate in a case study post-consultancy. Applications from politically oriented charities or NFPs will not be considered.

Applying for the Fund

The application process for the DPO Centre Charity and Community Fund is designed to be straightforward, inviting a diverse range of charities and NFPs to apply, regardless of their focus area.


The DPO Centre Charity and Community Fund is a unique opportunity for charities and NFPs to bolster their data protection and compliance capabilities without compromising their primary mission. By leveraging this fund, organisations can ensure legal compliance and build trust and reputation, which are invaluable in the charitable sector. We encourage eligible organisations to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the funding to enhance their impact and efficiency.