New digital resource now online to help charity trustees raise their game

An innovative and accessible initiative to help charity trustees harness digital technology was launched on 5 October.

The Making Digital Work12 Questions about digital for trustees contains key areas for charity trustees to review when planning business strategies and work programmes. The tool is designed to increase digital literacy and to promote communication between trustees and staff about the ways in which digital can improve their charities’ operations and enhance management functions.

The questions invite charity trustees to examine the impact of digital – and changes they may need to make to accommodate it – in the following areas: governance; trustee induction and development; strategy creation; culture; service delivery and beneficiaries’ expectations; brand; reputation; fundraising; cyber security; evaluation and success, and resources.

Charity sector experts are urging trustees to drive digital transformation forward, and strongly recommend that boards use the 12 Questions to ascertain how they can maximise digital’s contributions to the way they run their charities.

Digital is widely acknowledged to enable organisations to work collaboratively, reduce costs and increase transparency and accountability. Greater use of social media is revolutionising fundraising opportunities, profile raising and audience reach. Technological advances may in future even allow Artificial Intelligence to act for trustees, in addition to managing the many back office functions it is already replacing.

Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy and Communications at the Charity Commission said: “As we encourage users to increasingly engage with the commission online, we want to reassure users and trustees with low IT skills or confidence levels that there is support for them.

“We hope trustees can use [our 12 Questions] to start a conversation about how they can plan for, and respond to, digital change in their organisations and determine where technology can add value.”

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