New tax task force launched

A new HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) task force is to target people in Scotland who appear to be living beyond their means.

HMRC said on 3 August that the team of specialist officers expected to recover an extra £4.5 million by identifying wealth indicators – such as large houses, investments, aeroplanes, boats and undeclared offshore bank accounts – and cross-referencing them with data HMRC holds about their owners.

Michael Connolly, HMRC task force lead in Scotland, said: “Using information we hold, we can target people whose lifestyle does not reflect the tax they are paying. It’s not fair that a small minority are living millionaire lifestyles as a result of not paying the tax they owe.

“HMRC’s intelligence shows that people being targeted by this task force have no intention of playing by the rules. They are deliberately failing to declare all their income to HMRC in a crude attempt to line their own pockets, and they will be investigated.

“As a result of this behaviour, they could end up facing a heavy fine or even a criminal conviction. Those who pay the tax they are supposed to have nothing to worry about.”

Link: HMRC tax avoidance and evasion activity