NFU expects last minute rush as farmers and agents struggle to complete CAP Basic Payment applications ahead of deadline

The National Farmers Union (NFU) is warning farmers not to leave completion of the new CAP Basic Payment application to the last minute, as they expect a rush of entries near to the deadline.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA), the organisation responsible for managing the new CAP Basic Payment, have said they have now issued all of the pre-populated BP5 application forms to the 154,000 eligible farmers in the UK.

RPA customer director Justin Chamberlain said: “Farmers should now have received their forms. I would encourage them to complete their application as soon as possible and not wait until the 15 June deadline.

“We have a range of support available if farmers need help, such as through our helpline, or at any of the 50 support centres across the country, to ensure farmers and their agents get the help and advice they need to make their claims.”

NFU vice-president Guy Smith is encouraging farmers in Scotland and England to get on with submitting their applications ahead of the 15 June deadline to avoid problems with any rush nearer to the deadline. The deadline for Wales and Ireland is the 15 May and those that have failed to file their forms in time may lose out on the payment.

The NFU is also warning farmers to check their land data on BP5 forms amid reports that the pre-populated data may be different to that used for Single Payment Scheme in 2014.

Anyone who has not received their form, either by email or post, should contact the RPA helpline on 0300 0200 301. Forms can be printed out and posted within 48 hours.