Specialists in
Expert Witness
and Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, legal professionals and their clients may need support from specialist advisers. Moore Thompson’s experts are experienced in providing robust reports and acting as expert witnesses in court proceedings on issues including:

Business Valuations

A valuation may be required when an owner is going through a divorce or when a dispute arises, for example between directors and shareholders. We are experienced in valuations ranging from small family firms through to substantial groups, providing commercially minded and credible assessments


Divorce can be complex when substantial assets are involved. Alongside business valuations, we advise on whether and how funds can be extracted from the business and assist with financial settlement negotiations, including splitting pensions, share transactions, setting up trusts and investing funds. We can assist with completing Form E, which discloses the individual’s income and assets, and examine the other party’s form, and advise on the tax implications of disposing of matrimonial assets

Dispute Resolution

Business disputes – including partnership or shareholder disputes or breaches of contracts – must be dealt with quickly and efficiently, to stop them becoming a drain on management time and resources. We can report on the financial merits of claims to assist with alternative dispute resolution or, if this is unsuccessful, act as expert witnesses in court

Insurance Claims

Where a business is affected by fire, flood or business interruption or an individual by personal injury, an insurance claim may be made for lost profits or income. Where the validity of a claim is in question, or there are significant discrepancies in valuations provided by the two parties, we can assess claims and act as expert witnesses where necessary

Due Diligence

When you are raising finance for your business, lenders require due diligence to protect their investment. We are experienced in collecting and analysing relevant financial data and producing clear, concise reports for businesses ranging in size from small owner-managed enterprises to substantial companies.

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