Automatic Re-enrolment

Keeping up to date with your workplace pension

We’ve all heard of auto-enrolment, the Government’s workplace pension scheme (if you haven’t, click here).

But your duties as an employer don’t stop there. Once every three years, certain members of staff must be “re-enrolled” back into the pension scheme. This starts from the date of your automatic enrolment staging date.

As an employer, you’ll need to identify staff for re-enrolment and complete a re-declaration of compliance (even if you have no staff to re-enrol).

Failure to comply is a legal offence, and can result in fines. Remember, companies who were amongst the first to have staging dates of August 2015 are just a year away from re-enrolment obligations.

What you need to do

Choose a re-enrolment date. This should be between three months before the third anniversary of your staging date and three months after.

Identify staff for re-enrolment and write to them.

Complete your re-declaration of compliance. You can do this here.

Workplace Pension Re-enrolment Flowchart

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