Capital gains tax

If you are thinking about selling your business or business assets – including shares, machinery or goodwill – you also need to think about capital gains tax (CGT).

So seeking early, expert advice on the CGT implications is a wise investment, to help you maximise CGT efficiency. For example, Entrepreneurs’ Relief provides valuable tax benefits by reducing the CGT rate to ten per cent on disposals of qualifying business assets, up to a lifetime limit of £10 million.

To help you achieve the best CGT outcomes – particularly if the sale of the assets is designed to produce funds for retirement – Moore Thompson’s tax specialists offer comprehensive capital gains tax services, including:

  • advising on the CGT implications of any transaction
  • advising on appropriate action and timing to minimise the tax due
  • making sure you take full advantage of all exemptions and reliefs available
  • ensuring the disposal qualifies for Entrepreneurs’ Relief
  • helping you make the most of your annual personal CGT allowance
  • advising on gift and transfer strategies
  • advising on capital gains tax on the sale of personal assets, such as a second home or belongings such as jewellery or antiques.

For further details or to arrange a free, no obligation meeting, please contact a member of our capital gains tax team.

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