Our inheritance tax and estate planning services draw on the expertise of our Independent Financial Adviser colleagues at MT Financial Management Limited, which allows us to open up a broader range of options to you. These include:

  • trust arrangements for children: when minor children are involved, a trust can be used to meet the costs of the child’s living and educational expenses, with the age at which they access the trust assets, and the scope of this access, specified by you. Trusts can also be helpful in making long-term financial arrangements for a child with a disability, with assets in the trust excluded when assessing benefit entitlements or help with care funding
  • planning for long-term care: advance planning measures to protect your home and assets from being included in assessments for contributions to long-term care. These include drawing up the wills of couples or civil partners so that if one partner dies, their share of the property goes into trust for the benefit of their children, while the survivor has occupancy rights.
  • investment/pensions planning: we can advise you on the potential inheritance tax implications and valuation of investments and pensions and to arrange your assets in the most tax-efficient way
  • pre-paid funeral plans: pre-planning your funeral will give you peace of mind that it has been paid for and will be conducted as you wish. By paying for your funeral at today’s prices, our pre-paid funeral planning service will also save your family or your estate considerable expense in the future.