Public support for farmers hits record high

A recent poll suggests that support for UK farmers has reached a record high, with 89 per cent of those polled saying that farming is important to the economy and 88 per cent believing that it is important for the country to have a productive farming industry.

Overall, 75 per cent of people voiced a positive view of UK farming, which is the highest figure since the annual survey was first carried out in 2012 and a 6 per cent increase on the 2019 result.

According to the data, the majority of those who responded said this the reason they had such a positive view of the agricultural industry was due to the importance of farmers’ work during the lockdown.

Respondents also felt that feeling confident in the quality of the food farmers produce was a major factor, with 86 per cent of those polled saying that British farms should grow as much food as they can to provide national food security.

The results of the poll were welcomed by industry figures, with NFU president Minette Batters saying that it was fantastic that the public had recognised the efforts of growers and producers across the UK in keeping everyone fed.

She added that this is particularly important at the moment, with a no-deal Brexit on the horizon. As Ms Batters pointed out, the figures demonstrate growing public support at a time when understanding and supporting the UK’s food chain is so important.

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