Save British Farming launches a new campaign to promote the UK’s agricultural standards

The Save British Farming (SBF) campaign group has launched a new banners and posters campaign urging the Government to uphold the UK’s high agricultural standards in the event of any post-Brexit trade deal.

Warning that the “opening of floodgates to lower-regulated food will lead to the decimation of British farming”, the group wants to see farms and homes across the UK put up its banners and posters in a bid to show the Government that the public cares about food standards.

The campaign is based around the “Board of Broken Promises”, which the SBF says symbolises the fact that, while up to 90 per cent of UK consumers are against the lowering of production and animal welfare standards as part of any UK-US trade deal, the Government appears reluctant to commit to adding legal protection for these standards to the Agriculture and Trade Bill.

Farmers and consumers will be able to order posters and banners for their farms, homes and gardens to help keep the pressure on MPs to do the right thing when the Bill comes back to the Commons.

As the group’s founder, Liz Webster, said, “we are what we eat” and if the UK does a trade deal with the US, the result could be British supermarkets stocking cheap produce which is produced to low food safety and animal welfare standards.

Some supermarkets have already pledged that they will never sell produce it would be illegal to produce in the UK, such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef and the Government has also promised that it will not sign a trade deal that will compromise the UK’s high standards.

However, in May, the Agriculture Bill passed through the House of Lords without amendments designed to enshrine that promise into law.


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