Payslip survey findings

A new study of employee payslips has revealed that the number of slips issued online has risen since last year, but only by a small margin.

The number of respondents issuing electronic slips has gone up from 33.9 per cent in ’13-14 to 37.2 per cent in ’14-15.

A spokesperson for the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), which carried out the research, said: “The perhaps surprising finding this year is that, despite more respondents saying they only provide online payslips, and the number of heat activated envelopes falling, the number of online payslips has risen only slightly.

“Perhaps in the past respondents have provided a choice of how the payslip is received and it may be that the choice of receiving a hard copy payslip is being gradually removed.”

CIPP’s study looked at the number of people being paid, the frequency with which they were paid, the method of payment, the information included on payslips and how the payslips were distributed.

Among the findings was a fall in the number of payroll bureaux operating more than 1,000 payrolls.

“Last year’s research saw a sharp rise, leading us to question whether this was as a result of the increasing administrative and legislative burdens being placed on employers. However this year the figure has dropped, becoming more consistent with the results prior to 2013-14.”

Friday remains the most popular day for weekly, fortnightly and four-weekly payrolls, with the last working day of the month the most popular for monthly payrolls.

Only 97.1 per cent of respondents said they show the worker’s name on a payslip.

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