Professional footballers given the opportunity to tackle tax avoidance

The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) has met with HMRC to discuss how players can exit tax schemes that have been associated with tax avoidance, following a number of high profile cases in recent months.

HMRC was approached by the PFA last summer to help players get the right information about avoidance as it is feared that potentially hundreds of players and ex-professionals could face large tax bills after putting money into tax avoidance schemes that HMRC has successfully challenged in the courts.

Following their co-operation Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive of the PFA and HMRC’s Director of Counter-Avoidance have published an interview online warning players of the dangers of tax avoidance and explaining how they can get out of such schemes.

It contains a number of tips and advice for professional players, including indications of an avoidance scheme  and the importance of contacting HMRC when leaving a scheme.

To watch the interview please click here.