The world of farming is changing rapidly and as one of the leading specialists in accounting for the farming we would like to hear from you about what you think the next big changes in farming will be.

Please can you complete the survey below to share your views with us. All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and each completed survey will be anonymised.

Question 1

On a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 is not important and 5 is very important, what role will technology, such as drones and AI, play in the future of farming in the region?

Question 2

In the next 12 months how much do you intend to invest in new technology to support your farm?

Question 3

Of the factors below, which is the most likely to restrict your adoption of new technology?

Question 4

What is your biggest concern about the future of farming?

Question 5

Do you see online accounting as a useful tool for the farming sector?

The information provided by you will be used in a public report on the future of farming in the East of England, which we hope will be viewed by decision makers and encourage greater investment in rural technologies in the region.

If you have any queries about this survey, please feel free to contact us.