Small Business place trade deals as top priority from Brexit

A new study by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has found that continued access to markets in the EU is the top priority for the UK’s small business community.

The FSB’s report showed that of the 1,758 members surveyed, 63 per cent regarded the EU market as an important trade destination.

It also showed that around 58 per cent believed it was easier trading with business inside the EU, rather than outside of it.

Meanwhile, 53 per cent of importers and 45 per cent of exporters found trading with the single market cheaper than with non-EU markets, which is why 20 per cent of respondents chose to trade exclusively with the EU.

Andy Willox, Policy Convenor at FSB, said: “FSB is calling on the UK government to secure the easiest, and least costly, access to the EU single market in the Brexit negotiations.

“Lots of first-time exporters regard EU markets as a training ground and a lower-risk first step to realising their global ambitions.”

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