Specialists in
Business Strategy
and Profit

Establishing a legal practice is a significant achievement but as time passes growth can stall, often because practice leaders are simply too busy dealing with their day jobs.

Even when they recognise that they need to develop the practice to improve profitability and performance, they may not be sure what steps they need to take to move to the next level.

To maximise your firm’s potential for success, you need a clear idea of where you are going and how to get there. At Moore Thompson, our legal sector specialists can help you to plan strategically, by identifying your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and defining the tools – from raising funding to new ways of working – that you may need to achieve your objectives.

Financial stability is crucial to moving forward, so we can assist with issues including cash flow management, financial forecasting, budgeting and setting fee levels, as well as helping you to make sense of key financial data for informed decision-making, tackling problem areas and strengthening your firm for the future.

Establishing financial targets and regularly reviewing progress against these will also feed into the ongoing development of your business strategy, helping you to crystallise your thinking and concentrate activity in the most productive way.

For further details or to arrange a free, no obligation meeting, please contact a member of our legal sector team.