A group of apps linked to a cloud software is often referred to as an ‘App Stack’. This is to enable the user to get their issues resolved and can often allow them to grow rapidly without needing to keep re-inventing in their software. At MT Cloud we can offer guidance on which apps can help you and assist you to build a App Stack that works well for you. We are seeing now that it all starts with the provider and then we move onto apps to take your experience further. A consultation or discovery meeting is often the best way to work out the options/benefits. And we can discuss budget vs usefulness in order to give you the best experience.

Helpful guidance plus a bounty of knowledge

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the app industry and we have good relationships with the majority of large providers. We can guide you with our experience and discuss all the pros and cons related to apps. We offer information on industry-specific App Stacks, giving you all the options available with a range to cover most needs and budgets:






To help you make the most of what the cloud has to offer, please contact Dan Coleman by calling 01775 711333, emailing danielcoleman@mooret.co.uk or reaching out on LinkedIn by clicking here.