Is your current set up healthy? It’s an interesting question and the truth is you may not know the answer. Some of the tells may be visible, large unreconciled items, bank on your chosen software not matching amount on the bank statement, large debtors and creditors – these are all great examples of a poorly working cloud package. You may have let your previous or current accountant maintain your system, or employed a bookkeeper – if you are considering a change or things just don’t seem right, it could be worth an MT Cloud Healthcheck.

Understanding the nuts and bolts

MT Cloud will break down the current system and look to see:

  • How consistent is the historic bookkeeping?
  • Is there more you could benefit from using the system?
  • Time saving opportunities
  • Has the correct VAT been applied?

We then can evaluate this information in a report and sit down with you and discuss what we have found. But we don’t like just talking about past mistakes – we guide you on how to improve this moving forward and help you understand the tools you are using on a daily basis. The concept is to leave you with knowledge of what the software is attempting to achieve and guidance given on how you are able to achieve this.

To help you make the most of what the cloud has to offer, please contact Dan Coleman by calling 01775 711333, emailing or reaching out on LinkedIn by clicking here.