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One of the areas MT Cloud is keen to assist clients with is training. Often overlooked with a ‘have a go’ approach can sometimes be damning when discussing how the transition to cloud has progressed. An example would be driving – we learn this over a period of time and it gives us the ability to be good before we are let loose on the road.

At MT Cloud we see cloud software training just as important, giving you the tools to be able to work effectively and utilise all the benefits of the cloud. Lack of training is usually 75% of the source of pain for clients. With this in mind we now offer 3 individual classroom style training modules which clients can sign up for and spread the learning, around a date that suits them. Classroom style training gives us the opportunity to offer the same service as with our bespoke training programs but at a lower cost.

MT Cloud training programs


Bronze Package

Perfect for clients/staff new to using a cloud package. Learn the basics, understand how to use the software and how to save time on general data entry.


Silver Package

Ideal next step for individuals that have been on the bronze course and/or been using the package for 12 months. Learn more than the basics, how to use shortcuts to decrease time on data entry, make full use of invoicing and debtor chasing facilities.


Gold Package

Take your knowledge to the next level, ideally completed the silver course and been using the software regularly for 12 months. Get to grips with your software, by understanding reporting functions, using credit control and get a full breakdown on apps available and how to use them.

Bespoke training to suit you

We also offer bespoke training, with the aim to travel to your location, sit down and train you using real-time data. We will go through a VAT quarter and implement and set up the software with you while training you at the same time. Often we look to complete this in a morning or afternoon, but can offer our services to an extended number of staff or departments and create a bespoke a training package to suit your needs.

To help you make the most of what the cloud has to offer, please contact Dan Coleman by calling 01775 711333, emailing danielcoleman@mooret.co.uk or reaching out on LinkedIn by clicking here.