Independent schools

Independent schools operate in a vibrant sector, with almost hundreds of thousands of pupils in the UK educated in this way, overseas students making up a substantial proportion of students and UK schools opening branches overseas.

At the same time, the need to find capital for reinvestment, cash flow issues and the impact on an already competitive sector of growth of academies and free schools are creating new challenges. For independent schools with charity status, compliance with charity regulatory and accounting requirements – including meeting the public benefit requirement – also involves ongoing responsibilities.

In this environment, it makes sense for your independent school to work with advisers that offer more than simply ticking reporting boxes but will add real value to your operations.

At Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants, we will work alongside you to explore your school’s needs and objectives. Then we will tailor our support and advice to ensure your finances are in the best possible shape, now and for the future.

Whether you need a complete package of financial services or support with individual projects, our flexible, cost-effective services are designed to add real value to your school and create a robust foundation for development and growth. We can assist with:

  • bookkeeping and payroll
  • business planning
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • financial systems and controls
  • tax planning
  • term-by-term management accounts
  • trading subsidiaries
  • VAT compliance and planning.

For further details or to arrange a free, no obligation meeting, please contact a member of our independent schools team.

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