Starting a new business – Have you considered grant funding?

When setting up a new business a key consideration is where you will get your funding to get started.

Often entrepreneurs will seek funding from family loans, investors and banks, but this can be complicated by credit scores and the need to evidence potential income.

However, there is one form of funding that is often overlooked by new business owners – grant funding.

Every year the Government, local authorities and many other organisations make millions of pounds available to businesses to support their growth.

What’s more none of the money offered needs to be repaid and you do not have to give away a proportion of your business to investors.

There is a wide range of grants available to early-stage businesses and they often only require you to meet a basic set of criteria.

A comprehensive list of the Government grants currently available to businesses can be found here.

However, if you think grant funding might be a great way to unlock hidden potential in your business, we highly advise that you speak to our Grant and Funding team for guidance.

We have helped lots of businesses, large and small, access funding that they didn’t realise was available to them.