The Trustees Forum – help and advice for your charity and not-for-profit clients

Moore Thompson’s charity experts organise a regular bi-monthly informal event, to help trustees get to grips with the financial and tax issues affecting their organisation.

The next Forum will be held on Tuesday 10 March at the Riverside Café, Hills Department Store in Spalding at 7.30am.

These informal breakfast meetings offer trustees the opportunity, in a no-pressure environment, to enjoy bacon baps, juice and hot drinks, while discussing the latest issues that are affecting them.

Each meeting covers a different topic, based on current events or subjects requested by attendees and allows trustees a forum to talk through issues that are affecting them, whether they work for a charity or any other not-for-profit organisation.

Where possible, specialist speakers are also invited to attend and trustees usually have the opportunity to speak with an accountant, solicitor or financial adviser.

Recent topics covered have included:

  • Trustees responsibilities
  • Trustees Act 2000 – Duty of Care
  • Receipts and payments or accruals basis?
  • Trustees Indemnity Cover
  • Meetings – Why keep a record?
  • Charity trustees – 15 questions you should ask
  • Cybersecurity
  • The Governance Code
  • The Digital Code
  • The New Annual Return

If you have clients who are trustees, please let them know about the Trustees Forum. To register for the event click here.