Tractor sales remain strong despite bleak economic forecasts

By Rob Blair, Partner and ARA specialist

Sales of new tractors have remained strong this month despite the dire economic news. New tractor registrations rose by almost one-third, with a total of 728 machines registered.

November was the third month in which registrations were above seasonal averages since 2016. The increased sales show a positive trend in the UK tractor market after several years of lower sales.

Like much of the manufacturing sector across the world, tractor manufacturers have been beset by supply chain issues, linked to a number of issues including the Covid-19 pandemic and higher inflation.

Shortages were experienced in relation to the supply of everything from microchips to tyres.

The knock-on effect has seen manufacturers increase lead times for the delivery of new machines.

Last year saw a boom in second-hand tractor prices as buyers sought to reequip in face of delays for new machines.

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