UK’s weekly earnings have gone up for the first time since 2008

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), average weekly earnings in the UK went up to £528 in April 2015, which represents an increase of 1.8 per cent from the £518 figure recorded in the same month of 2014.

Once inflation has been taken into account, this means that there has been a 1.9 per cent rise over the course of 12 months, which is the first increase since 2008.

The “Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings” also highlighted the fact that the median salary for full-time employees across the country went up by 1.6 per cent, to £27,600, in April.

London managed to take top position as the region that paid the most to employees, with average earnings standing at £660 per week, which was £108 more than the South East region, which took second place.

However, Wokingham (Berkshire) and Copeland (North West), were also among the top 10, proving that it is not only in London where people command the highest salaries.

Wales recorded the worst results out of the regions, with the lowest median salary (£473 per week) and it was also the only region to record a pay cut, down 0.1 per cent from last year.

While the gender pay gap narrowed to 9.4 per cent – the lowest figure recorded since ONS started to produce the report in 1997 – the gap between the highest and lowest-earning individuals has remained the same. In this latest report, the poorest 10 per cent earn £297 per week, while the top 10 per cent made £1,035 per week.

Public sector workers also received a bigger pay increase than those in the private sector, despite the recent Government cuts.

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