Wind turbines may lead to significant business rates increase for some farmers

From 1 April 2017 farmers that operate small scale wind turbines may be subject to some significant rises in business rates.

The changes, which only apply in England and Wales, take into account the feed-in tariff incentives that were not available at the previous revaluation made by the Valuation Office Agency, leading to an increase in business rates for some.

Farmers are being urged to check the draft rateable values online before they take effect in April 2017. Those who think they might be affected have until March 31 to check their rating online and, if necessary, challenge the rating.

Andrew Heskin, Partner at Moore Thompson, said: “This change is going to have a significant effect on the farming community, many of whom have embraced green technologies.

“Since the government’s feed-in tariff incentive was implemented there has been a large uptake of farmers using small wind turbines which provide a valuable diversified source of income.”

You can check your rateable value by visiting